It is in the serene & magical setting of Sintra with it’s 150 year old moss-covered trees, mist and an abundant streams of pure water flowing through ancient palaces and castles that Sadvidya Portugal offers a unique approach in supporting people in their own search for inner happiness.

Practical and theoretical guidance is given in both personal and group formats in the areas of lifestyle, Yogic philosophy, meditation, Prānāyāma, Āyurveda, chanting, āsana and cooking.

The center offers a nurturing, non-judgmental environment that welcomes beginners and dedicated practitioners from all cultures and traditions alike.

Sadvidya teachings flow from an authentic source whose intention is to promote a peaceful, healthy and content lifestyle for all.

All activities take place in S Pedro de Sintra and are offered on a donation basis.

You can reach us by e-mail or phone at :

[email protected]

+351 910454607

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