This book features South Indian recipes based on health principles according to the sisterly sciences of Āyurveda and Yoga. The ancient medical science of Āyurveda guides us in maintaining a healthy condition of the body and its systems in order to support Realization and Liberation. Yoga guides us in supporting the inner tool, the mind, and keeping it healthy in direct support of Realization and Liberation. Thus, both Āyurveda and Yoga complement each other. Indian cooking evolved out of the principles of these two sciences, and that is why it contributes to the balance and fulfilment of our health as a whole.

This book also supports one’s ambition to become better acquainted with traditional Indian cooking. By gaining a better understanding of food through the Ayurvedic lens and enjoying these delicious dishes, one will experience the great impact of food on the body and mind while supporting one’s Yogic path.


Introduction to Āyurvedic Cooking

The Six Tastes / Various Foods and Their Properties
Food and Guṇa Chart
The Three Basic Energies and Food / Sattvic Food
Constitutions / Kapha Energy / Pitta Energy / Sattva Energy
Understanding One’s Constitution
The Impact of Food on the Mind

Ghee and Powders

Ghee and its Benefits
Rasam Powder / Sambar Powder

Rice and Grain Dishes

Bisi-Bele Bāth / Coriander Leaf Vānghī Bāth / Vegetable Bāth

Lemon Rice / Curd Rice



Dāl, Rasam and Sambar

Green Gram Tovve
Lemon Rasam / Pepper Rasam / Toor Dāl Rasam
Moong Dāl Sambar with Green Beans

Vegetable and Salad Dishes

Carrot Palya / Green Bean Palya / Potato Palya
Chuchu Gojju

Bread and Savories

Rava Dosa
Rice Rotti
Bonda (Bajji)

Chutney, Pickle and Raita

Ginger Coconut Chutney / Tamarind Chutney
Lemon Pickle
Carrot Raita
Pepper Tambuli


Carrot Halva
Kaseri Bāth (Sweet Upma)
Semolina Pāyasam (Rava Pāyasam)


Kaṣāyas – Coriander & Cumin / Immune-Building / Six Spice
Badam Milk
Moong Dāl Juice



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"We received the cookbooks today. They are very well done - attractive, thoughtful, and informative - a treasure. I am grateful to those who worked on putting this together and look forward to trying the new recipes."
"Thank you! I love it!"
"I am looking at the new SVF cookbook and have been revisiting recipes that I have been making for years. Yesterday, I made the Sambar with the variation and ground the coconut-sambar paste, and it really came out delicious. Today, I am making the vegetable bath. Thank you!"