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Sadvidya Foundation North America is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting, health, happiness and inner peace through authentic teachings, and the timeless wisdom of the yogic arts and sciences. Its intention is to serve local communities, as well as all of humanity. Our aim is to preserve and communicate ancient yogic knowledge in its purest form to assist in enhancing physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Sadvidya’s activities are designed to support both old and young, through community classes, lectures, workshops, retreats and the Jivana Yoga Diploma Program. Its activities are community and family oriented, supporting individuals in understanding the impact an ideal lifestyle has on one’s inherent inner wealth and capacity for true happiness.

Sadvidya Foundation North America was founded in Sebastopol, California. It has offshoots through the Jivana Yoga Diploma Program in San Francisco CA, Ashland and Talent OR, Boulder and Crestone CO, and Tucson AZ, as well as NY City.

You can reach us by mail or phone at:

Sadvidya Foundation
11575 Green Valley Rd.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

+1 707 823-3023

+1 707 861-8614

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