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Upcoming Public Talks and Live Zoom Talks

with Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois

Live Zoom Talks

20 - 22 January

7:00am Pacific time/3:00pm Portugal Time
5:00pm ISRAEL Time/8:30pm India Time

Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois, ‘Ācārya’, will give a series of three live Zoom talks on January 20th, 21st & 22nd at 7:00am Pacific time / 3:00pm Portugal Time / 5:00pm Israel time / 8:30pm India time


January 20th – Yoga and Perfect Health
January 21st – Yoga as a Therapy
January 22nd – Raising the Capacity of Mind and Body Through Yoga

Offered by donation

Contact: [email protected]

Public Talks in Mysore

4 - 16 October


Praśnottara Ratna Mālikā of Śankarācārya

10 classes with Ācārya on the Praśnottara Ratna Mālikā, प्रश्नोत्तर रत्नमालिका of Śaṅkarācārya. The wisdom of Ādi Śaṅkara, a garland of 67 searching questions and gem-like answers.

Morning practical classes led by senior BYD teachers: āsana, prāṇāyāma and silence practice.

Afternoon lectures with senior BYD teachers.

Further details will be sent upon registration.

Offered by donation

Contact: [email protected]

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