An integrated approach in studying Yogic Sciences and Indian Arts


India (Bharata) is well known for its wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the Yogic sciences and arts. The ancient Sages acquired this knowledge through their close study of the universe and their internal contemplation on the Self. It is the aim of Sadvidya Foundation to preserve and teach this ancient knowledge and to promote the original Indian sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Sanskrit, Indian Music, Dance and more.

Yoga Classes 2020


Sadvidya’s annual activities in 2020, run from Jan 27th – Feb 4th



“Let us have some glimpse into the noble qualities which are expected in all.”


This series of talks is open to all.
Please contact: [email protected] for further information 


“The very aim of practicing Yoga is to attain noble qualities.

All human beings, by birth are expected to have noble qualities.

Noble qualities are lost because of unwanted attachments or greed.  Through overcoming these, naturally noble qualities will be evolved.

Generosity, Kindness, Non-Violence, A Giving Nature, Resilience, Humility.
These are basically the main noble qualities, though in reality they are manyfold.  Each noble quality has a nature to support mankind, and at the same time they are going to provide calmness and quietness, directly supporting Liberation.  The very purpose of all Yoga techniques is to eliminate the obstacles to the evolution of noble qualities.

For these talks let us have some glimpse into the noble qualities expected in mankind.”