Semolina Pāyasam is a healthy sweet that strengthens the body. It is easy to digest and suitable for all constitutions. For those who have kapha imbalance, serve pāyasam as part of the main meal. More than 1-2 cups in one sitting is not recommended.

Semolina Pāyasam

Preparation – 40 minutes

Serves 12 – 14



½ cup/125ml ghee

1 cup/170g coarse semolina (rava)

4 cups/1-litre water

4 cups/1-litre milk

tsp saffron (optional)

2 cups/400g light brown sugar


¼ cup/60ml ghee

¼ cup/25 almonds, cut into thirds

cup/35 cashews, cut in half

¼ cup/40g raisins

½ tsp ground cardamom (6 – 8 pods)


1.  Remove the hard shell from the cardamom and grind small black seeds into a coarse powder. Measure out the remaining ingredients – set aside.


2.  In a skillet over medium heat, pour in ghee, then semolina – combine well, stirring continuously for 6 -7 minutes until the semolina turns golden-brown and emits a toasted smell.

3.  Turn off the heat and place in a bowl to cool down. Wipe the skillet and set aside so it will be ready to use for the nuts and raisins.


4.  In a large saucepan bring the milk and water to a boil, then sprinkle in the saffron.

5. Gradually add the toasted semolina – simmer, stirring occasionally for approximately 5 minutes.

6.  Add sugar, stirring continuously for 5 minutes until the sugar has dissolved. Turn off the heat and set the pāyasam aside.


7.  On medium heat, add to the skillet, ghee, then almonds, cashews and raisins – fry until the cashews turn golden-brown and raisins puff up.

8.  Add the nuts and raisins to the pāyasam. Sprinkle in cardamom powder – mix well.

9. Sit undisturbed for the flavors to develop while the pāyasam to cool and thickens. Serve warm or at room temperature.



Once or twice a week, separately or with a meal. Suitable morning or evening, in all seasons.

1. Grind cardamom and measure ingredients

2. SEMOLINA: Heat ghee and add semolina

3. Stir 6-7 mins, until golden

4. Set aside

5. PAYASAM: Bring milk to boil, add saffron

6. Add toasted semolina

7. Simmer 5 mins, then add sugar

8. Stir continuously for 5 mins. Turn off heat and set aside.

9. VOGGARANE: Add ghee

10. Almonds

11. Cashews

12. Add raisins

13. Fry until cashews are golden and raisins puff

14. Add to pāyasam

15. Add cardamom

16. Allow to cool slightly and thicken