The Jivana Yoga Program is an in-depth, multi year program for sincere students, designed to facilitate the integration of yogic techniques and principles into everyday life. This comprehensive course is focused on supporting an individual to cultivate the divine qualities inherent in them.

Yoga Theory and Practices, Ayurveda, and Saṃskṛta, along with other traditional Indian arts and sciences, are presented through practical classes, lectures, cooking demonstrations and workshops. This program contains a wealth of knowledge and life tools, supporting enhanced health, relationships, professional life, and inner maturity. Students will embark on a journey of self-awareness and discovery, towards inner peace, joy, and happiness.

The Jivana Yoga Program is offered internationally. There are five centers in the US, a Portuguese Association, as well as centers in Israel and India. Please contact us if you are interested in further information.


First Year Syllabus:

  1. Asana Practice
  2. Pranayama Practice
  3. Silence/Meditation Practice
  4. Review & Discussion – The Sacred Tradition of Yoga, Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois
  5. 32 Yoga Theory Lectures
    • The human predicament
    • Mind and body
    • The purpose of human life
    • The path to Realization
    • The bliss of Samadhi
    • Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga
  6. 32 Ayurveda Lectures
    • Daily practices for health
    • Seasonal practices for health
    • Introduction to the 3 doshas, kapha, pitta, and vata
    • Understanding food through Ayurveda
  7. Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  8. Saṃskṛta & Yoga Sutra Chanting
    • Alphabet pronunciation, and script
    • Basic vocabulary
    • Aphorism chanting
  9. Traditional Ayurvedic Cooking Lessons
    • Homemade ghee
    • Nourishing dāls
    • Vegetable and side dishes
    • Drinks and desserts
  10. Individual Mentoring Sessions