“The Sacred Tradition of Yoga” — Book Review Request


We are hoping that all of you have had a chance to buy or receive a copy of Acharya’s new book, “The Sacred Tradition of Yoga”. In order to further support these teachings, we’d like to ask everyone to write one or more online book reviews. This kind of feedback is essential in the publishing environment today.


The following are a few ideas to keep in mind:


• Amazon Reviews: Perhaps most important place to submit a review!!! However, Amazon requires that you purchase a book in order to be considered a “varified purchaser”. This means that your “review” will be featured and prioritized. Without buying a book, your review will not be fully supported within their system of metrics, sales and tracking. Therefore, if you already have a book, this presents a wonderful opportunity to buy another and give it to a receptive friend, etc.

• Goodreads: One of the largest online book reading communities.

• Shambhala Press: Please our publisher! They may well have interest in supporting Acharya’s future books.


Please help promote the book in any way you can — by making personal recommendations within online communities or in bookstores. Please share on Facebook, mention at your local yoga studios, online yoga journals/blogs, and within yoga schools & teacher training courses.


In writing your review keep in mind:


1. Be sure to keep your reviews personal, heartfelt, and reflective of how the book has impacted your life.
2. You may note that further information can be found at sadvidyafoundation.org
3. Suggest the usefulness of such a resource for teachers and teacher training programs!
4. If applicable, explain a little how this book is different from other books on yoga.


Many thanks,
Acharya, BYD & Sadvidya Foundation