Kaṣāya is a nourishing, soothing drink that brings calmness to the mind and supports the general health and balance of the system. Kaṣāya is appropriate for all constitutions and in all seasons; it is recommended at the end of a meal and to have once-twice a day, balancing vāta, pitta and kapha, or tridhātu sāmya. It helps maintain the digestive fire and reduces heat in the body.

There are many variations of kaṣāya – below are two very simple and easy to prepare recipes for everyday use – that require only two of the main spices – coriander and cumin. The first is a roasted and ground powder and the second a simple infusion using the whole seeds.

Considering your constitution, it is good to keep in mind that jaggery is more heating for the body than brown sugar.

Coriander seed

Coriander effectively supports healthy digestion. Bitter, pungent and sweet, it evokes the digestive fire while simultaneously soothes and removes excess heat in the body, making it useful in cooling pitta-related imbalances associated with menopause.

Cumin Seed

Cumin is bitter, pungent and astringent. It evokes the digestive fire, promotes healthy absorption and relieves flatulence. In addition, cumin eliminates natural toxins, enhances immunity and supports good sleep.

Coriander-Cumin Kaṣāya Powder

Preparation: 10 minutes

Makes approximately: 15 – 20 cups kaṣāya

Ingredients for kaṣāya powder 

⅓ cup/35g whole cumin seed

½ cup/35g whole coriander seed


1.  On medium heat, dry roast the cumin seeds until colour deepens – approximately 1 minute. Seeds may start popping by that point. Be careful not to burn the spices.  Set aside to cool.

2.  Dry roast the coriander seeds until colour deepens – approximately 1½ minute. Set aside to cool.

3.  In a blender/coffee grinder, grind first, cumin seeds, then coriander to a fine powder.

4.  Combine well and store in an airtight container.  

To preserve the medicinal qualities make fresh every 10 – 14 days.


Prepare the kaṣāya

Preparation time – 5 mins

1 serving


1 cup/250ml water

1 heaped tsp kaṣāya powder

1 heaped tsp brown sugar/jaggery

1 tsp milk (Less milk is easier for digestion, especially in the evening)


1.  In a small pan, bring water to a boil.

2.  Add the kaṣāya powder and sugar – simmer for a few minutes.

3.  Turn off the heat, add the milk and serve warm.

(Drinking the powder which collects at the bottom is beneficial for its medicinal properties).

Whole Coriander-Cumin Seed Kaṣāya

Preparation: 5 minutes

Makes: 1 serving


½ heaped tsp whole coriander seeds

½ heaped tsp whole cumin seeds

1 cup/250ml water

1 tsp brown sugar/jaggery

1 tsp milk (optional)


1.  In a small pan, bring water to a boil.

2.  Add the whole coriander, cumin seeds and sugar – simmer for a few minutes.

3.  Turn off the heat, add the milk (if using) and strain before serving slightly cooled.