Jivana Yoga

The Sanskrit word Jivana relates to the experience of life whereas the word Yoga relates to the experience of union. Life should lead us to an unsurpassed inner happiness, naturally available to all human beings. This unfolds as the mind begins to reflect on the Self or Soul and is fully experienced when the Self merges with its source, the Eternal Truth.

Drawing from the eternal wisdom of ancient teachings, in conjunction with modern insights, Jivana Yoga offers clear guidance in navigating the complexities of contemporary day-to-day life. Jivana Yoga focuses and elaborates on the conditions which support an ideal lifestyle, paving the way for true inner joy.


Jivana Yoga Practical Classes

Open to all levels, Jivana Yoga classes offer practitioners an authentic approach through Yoga theory, as well as asana, pranayama and meditation.


The Jivana Yoga Program

An in-depth, multi year program for sincere students, designed to facilitate the integration of yogic techniques and principles into everyday life. This comprehensive course is focused on supporting an individual to cultivate the divine qualities inherent in them.