About Sadvidya Foundation and Your Support

The mission of Sadvidya Foundation is to meaningfully preserve and teach the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the related Indian sciences.   Sadvidya Foundation directly supports Bharathi Yogadhama, a charitable trust headed by Dr. K.L. Shankaranaraya Jois and his wife G. Vijaya.

Why we ask for your Donations: 

Your goodwill and gratitude are the most important offerings you can make to Sadvidya Foundation.  To date, all of our support has been based on donations from dedicated students like you.  Not only does your  support  help our school with its day to day operations, it also supports the valuable research we are doing in preserving the ancient sciences of Astrology, Ayurveda, Sanskrit Literature, and the Indian Arts.  Donations also provide scholarships for tuition and free room and board for Indian students attending our school who cannot afford to pay.  We ask that you offer to the extent of your capacity so that these less fortunate students may enjoy these teachings as well.

We sincerely thank you for your goodwill and generous offerings to our organization.  Please stay in contact with our school so that we may continue to share these teachings and upcoming events -with you, your friends and family.